In January 2020 I held a talk at Google on TensorFlow 2.0, how TPU are working, an introduction to TensorFlow Lite and I organised a hands-on session on Google Coral Devices. Here are some impressions of the day.

TensorFlow 2.0 and TPUs Roadshow @ Google

The talk given at Google in Zürich on the 16th of January was a great success. The 70 available places were gone in a few hours and we had a waiting list of 50 people that wanted to come. The event has been organised by me, Fabien Tarrade and Nick Bortolotti from Google. The meetup website can be found here:

For the event I created an open GitHub repository that is completely free

Slides for this workshop can be found here

Part 1: TensorFlow 2.0 Introduction

Part 2: A TPU primer

Part 3: TensorFlow Lite introduction

TensorFlow Ecosystem: Author: Fabien Tarrade @fabtar (

TensorFlow Ecosystem Slides: TensorFlow Ecosystem, Machine Learning: From Development To Production link