In this post I compare two simulations of how the virus can spread in case of a lockdown (many people stay home) and in case when people can move around freely.

Corona Virus simulations

I decided to create two animations that shows very clearly what is the effect of a lockdown in the case of a pandemic (what we are experiencing now in March 2020 for the COVID-19 Virus).

In the first video below, you can see a simulation that shows how effective are virus at spreading. In this simulation each subject (the dots) can move around freely. Each time a subject touches (interact) with another it can transmit the virus. The red dots are the sick subjects, the blue the healthy ones. You can see how fast the virus spread.

In this second video I simulated the lockdown. 60% of the subjects can not move (they stay home), and only 40% are able to move around freely. In the same time window than the first video, you can see how less people get infected this time.